Seems like common sense

Wow, (considering) the hundreds of thousands of dollars they get paid, Bank of Canada executives have reached this mind blowing conclusion—higher prices lead to inflation.

This recent discovery will lead to changes in the way they come to make their decisions. I for one can only be grateful for this discovery. I mean, who could have possibly thought that higher prices could drive inflation?

The Bank of Canada’s mandate is to promote the economic and financial welfare of the country. So having now come to the conclusion that higher prices drive inflation, perhaps it can tell our federal government to stop throwing taxpayer money around because that’s another cause. Or, perhaps they haven’t realized that yet.

I’m sorry but I have to wonder and ask why we are paying these executives preposterous salaries to make very common sense statements?

Maybe our elected officials—our MPs —need to start asking these questions.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna.

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