Concerns about KGH care

On Aug. 2, after having my second car accident in four months (neither were my fault), I had concerns about some issues so I went to Kelowna General Hospital’s Emergency department to get checked .

The department was not busy and I had short wait, I was in a cubicle, in a gown waiting to see a doctor, when a staff member came in asked if my name was

Cecilia. There was no mention of a last name. I said yes, as that’s my name and she told me to get dressed and go home and someone would contact me in a few days .

I stood in the cubicle’s opening to ask someone what was going on as I had not been seen by a doctor. Thee same staff member sat at a desk facing me and ignored me as another staff member came along and said no, that was a mistake .

My concerns are what happens to people who have the misfortune to go to emergency on a busy night.

When I had questions about this with a patient care quality and safety consultant, I was told due to freedom of information and protection of privacy legislation, she was unable to share information about my complaint .

This letter was dated Sept. 8 and she had not informed the manager of the emergency department about this, so one wonders what other innocent person paid the price for having this person involved in their care.

That leaves me wondering how safe the emergency (department) is as what would that staff member do on a busy shift?

As for the doctor I saw, one could not ask for better and anyone else I had contact with was pleasant and left me feeling they knew what they where doing.

I advise people to take someone with them if ever need any care at Kelowna General Hospital.

C A Kloster

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