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Re. 'Nobody asked us' (Castanet, Oct. 2)

Open letter to City of Vernon councillors

Did anyone consider asking the residents of Herbert Road (in Vernon), the owners of the (properties zoned) country residential, if this is exactly what we want?

Many of the long-term homeowners who purchased properties and live in this rural neighbourhood did so for a reason, because it’s in the country.

As a resident living on Herbert Road, I don’t believe a 57-unit mass development fits with our neighbourhood, when all the other houses on Herbert Road are on acreages.

The property at 7025 Herbert Road was purchased and annexed from the Regionl District of North Okanagan—which we understand is no longer allowed as a single property—and is currently zoned country residential.

Our neighbourhood has always been on a dead-end road, which is now being opened up to connect to Manning Place. The Manning Place development (SUB000813) is underway and will add 29 new units at the end of Herbert Road. This is a total of 86 potential additional units based within ,or adjacent to, a country residential-zoned community.

This is a massive change for our rural community, and we don’t believe the majority of long-term homeowners on Herbert Road feel that adding 57 more units is “exactly what we want.” Personally, I am not thrilled about the bulldozing of our country neighbourhood.

I am asking the City of Vernon to keep the Herbert Road property (OCP00088) zoned as country residential.

It’s also my understanding that over the last several years, the RDNO has made many recommendations regarding the proposed development on Herbert Road that are in line with its fringe area planning policies bu they do seem to have received any consideration. They include:

• A request that the adjacent municipalities adhere to best management practices regarding development along the Electoral Area B and C boundary, including participating in collaborative fringe management planning, limiting suburban density, requiring appropriate buffering and discouraging further suburban and urban sprawl into rural and agricultural areas.

• That growth adjacent to Electoral Area “B” and “C” boundaries occurs in a planned and sustainable manner that reflects the unincorporated rural character valued by the residents of Electoral Area B and C residents.

(Residents) look forward to providing feedback at the public open house, on Oct. 17 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in city council chambers at City Hall

Also, I am sure city council will value the feedback of the people who already live in this community.

For more information on proposed development go here.

Todd Fitzpatrick

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