Development plan lacking

Re. Mill plans 'underwhelming' (Castanet, Sept. 25)

Tolko’s proposals for the development of its mill site in Kelowna is pretty much what most of us were expecting—high density, many high rises, many low rises, minimal greenspace, no sight of the lake, no easy access and no connection to the community.

Those 40 acres are the only remaining open lakeshore in our city and this is our last opportunity to insist that we want better use of that lakeshore.

We need meaningful open spaces. We need trees and green canopy and physical and visual access to our lake. Our climate is changing and those who live here will needs alternatives to air-conditioned cocoons.

We need amenities and access for all the community, not just for those who will live in this elite project.

Aside from Coun. Loyal Wooldridge, city council doesn’t seem to have an opinion about whether the proposals are good or bad, need changing or what they are looking for.

Surely, we can aspire to something more creative, something more imaginative and beautiful, a development that celebrates our unique city.

Please, attend the open houses and contact city councillors and tell them you want more from this development than what is being offered.

Sharron J Simpson, Kelowna

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