Not a Poilievre fan

Having watched (Conservative Leader) Pierre Poilievre on the news in Penticton in July, and as recently as these past weeks, spout off about all manner of things wrong with this current government, I could not help but think, this guy just does not get it.

He is fixated on (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau, and has been since becoming the leader of the Conservatives.

I guess he thinks by getting rid of his spectacles and all that Brylcreem and getting a new set of duds will change him into a totally different person. I don’t think so. He is, and will continue to be, the same person.

Intelligent, educated people will not fall for those gimmicky looks and ear-catchy phrases he spouts. He has said in the past politicians should serve only two terms, but he is still here, feeding at the public trough.

Maybe it is time for him to find a “real” job, like being a truck driver, remembering his close association and support for the (convoy) truckers when he marched with them holding Canada for ransom. That was when the country was shut down for well over a month, when tens of thousands of innocent Canadians were shut out of their jobs, harassed, threatened and feared for their safety. It has cost this county untold billions of dollars.

If his is as concerned about Canadians as he professes, why did he throw his fellow Canadians under the bus ?

Ian MacLean

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