Questions about Ukraine

The current political ruckus and associated global national embarrassment in Ottawa raises further questions that have long been overlooked.

What affiliation did the Ukraine “Azov battalion” have? What beliefs, insignia and symbolism have been consistently shown by various alternative media sources? Who is “Right Sector” and how do they explain and justify their political beliefs and affiliations? Why are so many Second World War symbols and insignia uncovered on dead Ukrainian (and mercenary) soldiers? Why is the Second World War German Bundeswehr (Iron Cross) shown on Ukrainian tanks?

When (Ukrainian President) Vlodymyr Zelenskyy came to power, he formed this around a pro-peace and negotiation platform. When he tried to implement this philosophy, he was prevented from doing so by various highly influential and very powerful far-right groups.

Many far-right leaders took key roles within the government, such as Dmytro Yarosh of Right Sector who was appointed as a military advisor in 2015.

Further to that, we Stefan Bandera being treated as a national hero raises the need of some severe objective scrutiny. He undertook terrorist activities and was vehemently pro-Nazi during the Second World War, as well as being an anti-semite.

There are many very serious questions to ask about the nature of the regime that Western nations are supporting. Another question is why alternative media sources are being so strongly suppressed in terms of reporting on and discussing these issues.

It defies belief that the entire collection of attendant politicians had no awareness of these issues, an do not seem to express any interest in investigating or self-learning about global socio-economic and political matters or history.

It often seems as if the collective population has switched its brain off. Public discourse only reflects (and permits) a single unilateral attitude towards the conflict.

One could reasonably assume that the West supports Nazis so long as they are "our Nazis".

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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