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Re. Rick Thorpe’s letter Electrical rate increases (Castanet, Sept. 26)

I agree with the letter writer about Penticton’s utility increase.

I raised that question (as well as) what happened to the electrical “slush” fund, the one council promised to repay when it used it for the bike lanes.

I also asked—again—what is the (current) cost of the bike lanes and what is the future cost. We all know the (lanes) are unused and have made a complete mess of traffic in our city. The bike lane on Martin Street now needs another study. Who are the people who have to re-study their mistakes and cost taxpayers more money?

I ask all Penticton voters to get rid of all incompetence at city hall. We cannot afford their mistakes.

We need responsible people in our local municipal government who listen to taxpayers instead of flying by the seat of their pants.

Penticton is crime-riddled and unsafe and we fund bike lanes?

What happened to bylaw (department employees past 5 p.m.? If it is because of cost? I would rather be fleeced there then on silly council projects that 95% of the voters do not want.

So, yes Penticton council, show us the true costs of these projects in writing as we are waiting.

Brian Kettle

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