Opposes towers at arena

Re. Towers on (Kelowna’s) Prosera Place parking lot.

I see there was recently another letter about this silly idea.

I am not against high rises, unlike some others. I think they add character to Kelowna and provide homes for people but building right on top of the arena is poor planning by the city.

Firstly, Kelowna needs a bigger arena to host larger concerts and other events. Our local hockey team, the Rockets, are very popular.

It should have been larger to start with but city council at that time were short-sighted to not expect the city to grow when Kelowna is promoted as a great place to live or visit.

Building on the parking lot will create parking problems for arena goers and will end the Rock the Lake show, which has been successful since 2016. Some local residents will be happy about that but the concerts bring in money and tourists. Where will this show go in the future.

It's just a very impractical idea to build these towers at this location.

As the letter stated, it's unlikely any of these new apartments will be affordable, except for the rich, who do not take public transportation if they can afford a car and a high end apartment.

Kelowna has mostly service, retail and tourism jobs, which do not pay well and those that do those jobs need more basic lower cost rental apartments to live in, not luxury apartments, or they won't be able to live in Kelowna.

A Mullins

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