Calls PM a 'glory seeker'

Re. A Mullins letter Aid not a 'boondoggle' (Castanet, Sept. 20)

The answer to the Ukraine aid (question) is simple.

Making large donations to foreign aid is just up, (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau's alley. The man loves being in the spotlight and the centre of attention.

Making announcements that benefit Canadians doesn't make world headlines, whereas making sensational funding announcements to Ukraine's war effort does. It makes Trudeau look good for the next appointment he is looking forward to at the UN.

Don't get me wrong, I believe we should aid Ukraine, but we should also address issues affecting Canadian taxpayers.

Unfortunately, until we remove the “glory seeker” who currently leads this country, things will pretty much remain as the are.

Being a good Canadian means paying your taxes and not questioning how the money is spent. At least, that's how the Liberals seem to see it.

Allan Widmeyer , West Kelowna

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