Money for 'medic trucks?'

Re. Poll: Should the province fund "medic trucks" for fire departments to respond to calls for medical service instead of using firetrucks?

I scratched my head when I read municipal convention delegates were asking for ??”medic trucks.”

We have an excellent ambulance service in this province. Ambulance service is a provincial service, while fire is municipal.

In the past several years, the ambulance service has struggled. The opioid crisis has taken a toll, plus an aging population.

Since the severe cuts to the ambulance service inflicted by the (former) B.C. Liberal government (now B.C. United Opposition) it’??s been difficult for the service to catch up. The cuts were to training, wages and on-call wages.

Our NDP provincial government has worked hard to restore the service back to it’s original status, but it’s been difficult with a lack of funding.

So, will “medic trucks” inflict more pain on our ambulance service? Where will the funding come from?

Anne Henschel, Penticton

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