Questions aid for Ukraine

Re. 'Bright side of history': Zelenskyy says Canada's help has saved thousands of lives (Castanet, Sept. 22)

So, our prime minister has promised yet another $650 million (in aid over three years) to Ukraine, in addition to the $8 billion already contributed with our tax dollars.

I’m surprised the money will partially be going towards Ukrainians' mental health, when Canadians are also suffering under a tax-hungry government which is carefree in its donations to causes.

On top of Canada’s assistance to date, the U.S. has also directed more that $75 billion (to Ukraine). So, from Canada and the U.S., we have pledged $93 billion to a war that seems to have no end, regardless of the money taxpayers (in North America) have given.

It's funny how we can throw money at any cause our government deems fit and, while the world is wallowing in debt, the government's solution is to print more money.

If money can just be printed, why are we being taxed to death?

Don MacKinnon

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