End Covid health mandate

Re. Cities vote to back mandate (Castanet, Sept. 21)

While the rest of Canada long ago welcomed unvaccinated health care workers back, B.C. stands alone in not doing so.

One has to ask why has (provincial health officer) Dr. Bonnie Henry has been so stubborn on this issue? Why is B.C. different than the rest of Canada? After all, Covid is no different here than anywhere else.

Emergency rooms in both Merritt and Oliver have been closed due to alack of staff. How many people have suffered due to this? Would one doctor and one nurse make a difference?

Reading the article regarding calling health care workers back and the debate around it, I wish to address the the comments by by Saanich Coun. Karen Harper, who spoke against the resolution (to call on the province to drop the mandate).

She said, "She's been spending a lot of time with her 95-year-old mother in hospital recently. She wants to know that her mother is not going to be infected because someone chose not to be vaccinated."

With high vaccination rates over the last couple of years, Covid continued to spread. It hit the long-term care facilities the hardest, even though everyone who lived there, worked there or visited were, at the very least, double vaccinated. Currently, it appears to be repeating itself. Does it not seem clearyou can spread Covid whether vaccinated or not?

Put some pressure on Henry and (Premier) David Eby to call back unvaccinated health care workers. Perhaps the many who moved out of the province will consider coming back.

Vivian Carnahan

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