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Re. Proposed West Kelowna development

I thought it might make sense to update the recent developments regarding a proposed project (in West Kelowna).

Like so many other projects that are brought forth in West Kelowna and Kelowna and, for that matter any other community in the country, this one is very sneakily gaining momentum.

The hillside property behind Const. Neil Bruce Middle School is being considered for as many as 500 units, which is ludicrous.

What is equally as ludicrous is the city re-zoned the property recently to medium density from low density, which in effect allows the developer to build as many as 220 units uncontested.

Whether it is 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 units, this project is ill-conceived and is a great example of a group of interested and motivated people attempting to shape an idea into their own vision regardless of practicality.

A claim has been made that says a geotechnical engineer, commissioned by the city, inspected the area and declared it fit for blasting.

A separate group of individuals who are opposed to the project for many reasons also consulted with a geotechnical engineer and that opinion is in direct opposition.

Which version is right? I don't know. I have my own thoughts but I am not an engineer.

I will say that one only needs to walk the line of the mountain in question and observe the fissures, cracks and slough, as well as the barricade that runs along the driveway to the condominium community at the top of the hill, scratch one’s chin and exclaim “hmm”.

This continues to be a bad idea but you really get the sense that in the long run, as long as the bags of money are plentiful, that won't matter.

For anyone interested in voicing their opinion to council, there is a meeting at city hall on the Sept. 26 to address second reading (of the rezoning bylaw).

Let the city know you are planning to go so it can accommodate (those in attendance). Alternatively, you can watch the meeting remotely via Zoom or whatever platform you use.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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