Aid not a 'boondoggle'

Re. Blaine Fode's letter Grocers not to blame (Castanet, Sept. 19)

I agree with Blaine Fode on most of his letter that the government can't control food prices, but his description of supporting Ukraine and the pandemic response as “boondoggles” is wrong. They were necessities.

First, the government in Canada did an admirable job helping Canadians with financial aid and COVID-19 information. It was superior to the useless (former U.S. president Donald) Trump (administration) in 2020.

Second, helping the Ukrainian government fight off the unwarranted attack by Russia is Canada's duty as a fellow democratic country, just as it did during the First and Second World Wars. (When it fought) against dictatorship.

People here take their freedom for granted but it was fought for, just as the Ukrainians are fighting for theirs now.

We, in Canada, have very little to complain about compared to the mess in the rest of the world, including in the United States.

A Mullins

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