Says Canada is big polluter

The idea that the federal government was giving away money, is something that depends on personal ideology.

During the pandemic, when people were unable to work, they needed the economic help. It would have been unfair, if the feds told them go and apply for unemployment insurance.

Whats more, the government was clear, the help was for the workers forced to stay home because of the mandate. How can anyone think, it was giving away money? Sure, there were some folks that claimed they were confused and got the money innocently. I have a hard time believing their stories. I went to the federal site and read what it said at the time. It was clear to me, CERB was for people who could not work because of the mandate. I receive a pension, I knew I didn't qualify for those benefits.

Lowering daycare fees and providing dental care for children should be seen as a good thing. Having access to lower daycare fees will allow more people to join the workforce. In the case of dental care, people should understand, that is actually preventive care. Mouth and gum disease will cause serious health problems if not treated. Please Google it, if you don't believe it.

As for inflation we are not unique, Covid affected the world. As of August 2023, the inflation (rate) (in selected) countries was: Japan 3.3%, the U.S 3.7%, Canada 4%, France 4.9%, Italy 5.4%, Germany's 6.1%, the United Kingdom 6.8%. And the European Union 5.2%.

I think, the federal government has to tighten its belt and be more careful about how much money it spends, ensuring it does not hurt the people who are in need of help.

We cannot blame our problems with inflation entirely on (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau or (NDP Leader) Jagmeet Singh. We really have to be honest with ourselves and try to judge what has been done, leaving politics aside.

For now, Canada is not in great political turmoil, compared to countries like Germany, Austria, Italy and Israel, where the rise of extreme political views and attempts to curtail human rights to minority groups is on the rise.

I think developed nations are entering a new wave of Fascism. We, as voters, have to be alert and chose wisely the next time we get to vote a new leader. Hopefully, people will remember, federal majority governments cause more harm than good.

Another reality for Canadians is that as of 2021, China's population was 1.412 billion and it is the No. 1 polluter. Canada has a population of 40 million and we are No. 11. Can people see the difference in populations and how high our emissions are? What's more, our ecological foot print is 7.66 and we are ranked ninth, four times more than China. Canada's CO2 emissions is 16.46, we are ranked No. 8, six times higher than China.

I suggest readers research our current reality.

The World Resources Institute (2023) Climate watches countries historical greenhouse gas emissions. Posted in 2020, Canada ranked as the 11th largest GHG emitting country or region. Canada's share of global emissions decreased from 1.8% in 2005 to 1.5% in 2020. These percentages should not make us feel good, since we (have a population) of 40 million.

At some point, we have to realize we are big polluters. If we go by population, we should ask ourselves what are we planning to leave our children? Are we willing to sacrifice our current wants and comforts, in order for our descendants to have a future?

Regarding our homelessness problems, all levels of government didn't pay attention to what was coming. The problem didn't start with the Liberals either. We had foreigners and locals buying property and renting on a short-term basis, leaving less property available for long-term rentals or to purchase outright.

The biggest problem I see is Airb&d but it is hard to criticize Canadians wanting to generate extra income. I just think they should be taxed appropriately.

Then we have the increase in immigration, something needed in order for Canada to remain prosperous.

Life is difficult but in many cases it is how we deal with the problems we face that can make things better or worse.

I believe in human decency. If people are in need, the taxes we pay should provide them with help.

L. Busch

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