Questions fire growth

Re. Glen Lake Fire near Peachland

I don’t understand how the firefighters (or whoever is in charge of fighting the Glen Lake fire near Peachland) did not get a handle on it earlier, when it is smaller.

The fire went from 75 hectares to 450 hectares within one day, and then to 639 hectares the next day. (Similar to what happened with the McDougall Creek wildfire in West Kelowna).

Do they not consider the Glen Lake fire to be important, as it is presumably in the wilderness? Until it is not.

I live outside of Peachland, up Highway 97C and it is very important to me. Where are the retardant planes? Where are more helicopters? Where are more firefighters? Or is it lack of money to fight the fires?

I hear so much about what is being done, what firefighters have saved and how everyone has worked so hard and I appreciate all that. But still, the fires start so small and end up so big within a short time. Why?

Diana Johnson

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