West side will rebound

Re. Recent McDougall Creek wildfire

Most of our community watched helpless and awe struck by the force of Mother Nature at her worst.

In many cases, an extreme fire is not observed within such close (proximity). Simply saying “thank you” was not enough to express the amount of gratitude and appreciation everyone shared for the endless fight to stop this fire from destroying the entire west side of Okanagan Lake.

In the aftermath of such a devastating and destructive fire, everyone understood what was essential and had to be accomplished. Support and resources were provided without question. Compassion and empathy was extended to anyone displaced.

As I mentioned, saying “thank you’ is simply not enough as my gratitude is beyond measure. I am eternally grateful for everyone involved, people going above and beyond, the endless generosity and contributions. Most importantly, my appreciation (goes out) to every firefighter and support person for being our heroes and heroines.

As the smoke clears and reality sets back in, we gain perspective of what matters most, life. Our families are safe, and some wildlife survived. Trees and grass will regrow, life in our forests will regenerate. Houses and communities will be rebuilt as we continue to move forward.

Many people will experience a new beginning, rising from the ashes similar to a phoenix as they start a new life with (renewed) courage and hope.

With a scarred landscape left behind, we are reminded of the strength and resilience of our community.

Have faith, hold hope, stay strong and stand proud.

Robin Steg

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