Carbon plan is not working

Re: Devon Brooks letter, Plan for climate change? (Castanet, June 8)

The writer of the letter say (Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola MP) Dan Albas left out two vital factors in his column about carbon tax opposition. Unfortunately, both ‘factors’ aren’t fact.

First, the writer’s contention that “the money collected via the tax is distributed back to Canadians, dollar for dollar, as I understand it." Frankly, (the writer) don’t understand it.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer said in March the carbon tax costs families hundreds more every year than the rebates they get back. That is a matter of public record.

The second “factor” the writer notes is the devastating fires that are spread across Canada at the moment. Carbon taxes do not stop forest fires. It might surprise the writer to learn before climate change, wood was indeed flammable.

The federal carbon tax has been in place for years. Forest fires have not abated. The carbon tax in B.C. has been in place for more than 10 years. Has it negated any fires in our province?

The writer goes on to say they’d consider voting Conservative if that party made commitments on how to deal with (the issue). The problem with that argument is they’re ostensibly saying, “You don’t have a plan. The other guy has a plan. It doesn’t work, but he has a plan.”

The simple fact is this, Canada is not going to achieve its emission reduction targets under the current plan. For starters, (the federal government) has deals in place with Stellantis and VW to build plants in Ontario, that will both receive their electricity from natural gas. That will cause emissions. (The government) also gave the OK for the Bay du Nord oil project.

So, the writer won’t vote Conservative because that party doesn’t have a plan (it says it does), they’ll support a plan that doesn’t work, and – more importantly – has believes the government gives Canadians back more than they pay out.

It would do the writer well to note B.C.’s carbon tax had to be raised recently to be in line with the federal carbon tax, and we do not receive federal rebates here.

David Semple, Kelowna

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