Why no regular bike rebate?

Re. E-bike rebates arrive today (Castanet, June 1)

Can anyone explain why an “elitist” portion of British Columbia's population is receiving rebates for purchasing e-bikes?

I have ridden a normal, self-propelled bicycle for years but have never been offered, or received, any rebate incentive when purchasing a new bike.

I, and a great number of British Columbia's residents, use the other form of green energy, i.e. sweat energy. Shouldn't we be offered a rebate if we need to purchase a new bicycle, especially since the cost of a decent bike can be in excess of $2,000?

Don't fool yourself, the manufacturing and production of e-bikes also contributes to global warming and, when worn out, the batteries they use don't necessarily get re- cycled. I'm willing to bet many are disposed of improperly and end up in landfills.

Allan Widmeyer, West Kelowna

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