Reverse Bernardo move

Re. Poll: Was it right to transfer convicted killer Paul Bernardo to a medium security prison after 30 years in maximum-security? (Castanet, June 7)

The corrections service thought it was a good idea to move this monster (Paul Bernardo) to a less secure prison and didn't notify the government because of his privacy rights.

(I don’t care about) Bernardo's rights. He gave them up the minute he kidnapped, tortured and murdered Kristin French and Leslie Mahaffey.

What he did to those two girls is unspeakable and he should rot in prison until his last breath. He should have been given the death penalty, but former prime minister Pierre Trudeau eliminated it years before this monster's murders.

I can't imagine the horror the parents went through hearing what Bernardo did to their children. I hope this decision is reversed and Bernardo is put in the darkest hole possible.

A Mullins

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