Gun violence in Canada

Re. Ian Skinner's letter Gun imports up under Tories (Castanet, June 6)

Facts can be very troublesome when they do not align with agendas.

A troubling fact for the federal Liberal (government) is there were over 302 shootings in Toronto in 2022. That’s 7% of Canada’s population accounting for almost 30% of all gun violence in Canada.

At some point the (government) needs to acknowledge it’s not guns that cause gun violence, it’s the government’s social policy, ideology, soft on crime attitudes and lax immigration vetting.

Another inconvenient truth (the writer) conveniently neglected to state was firearm imports nearly doubled annually under Trudeau. Also, handgun imports only account for about 20% of all imports, yet account for nearly all gun crime.

Kim Dobranski, Kelowna

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