Nothing done about leak

For three weeks now, I've noticed a very public leak from a surface pipe outside the door of the 50-plus seniors centre on Beach Avenue (in Peachland).

I've taken my concerns to the recreation department twice, and (officials there) phoned the appropriate department both times while I was there. The following week I made my concerns known to the Peachland citizens patrol, who park their car there. They said they would also call.

The week after that, I made a point of visiting the management office of the 50-plus seniors centre and was told they complained twice and we're told public works is busy.

The leak looks to be from a surface irrigation pipe. It's now at the end of the third week. I would guess the leak has been discharging one to two litres per minute for three weeks so far. That is 30,000 to 60,000 litres of treated drinking water going down the drain and into the water waste treatment system.

I'm a retired maintenance manager and I would suggest the job (to fix the leak) would take one to two hours.

If this goes in to its fourth week, I might as well go down there with a shovel and some glue and see if I can do it while it's still running because I don't know where to turn off (the water).

Like most people reading this, I hate to see avoidable waste.

John Ward

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