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Re.'It’s a Canadian crisis': Homelessness expert, city react to national spotlight on Kelowna's tent city (Castanet, May 31)

I don’t think (Conservative party Leader Pierre) Pollievre is disputing this is a “Canadian crisis.” I think he’s shedding more light on this issue for the rest of Canadians who think it’s isolated to a couple of major cities in Canada.

He’s trying to point out exactly what the “expert” was saying in their comments about the fact the provincial and federal governments over the last eight years have completely dropped the ball in terms of supports, programs and housing affordability across the country.

Why is our federal government so over-eager to dole out millions and millions of dollars to other countries for their causes but they don’t focus on addressing the real and devastating issues at home?

These aren’t issues that just sprang up out of nowhere during the last three years of turmoil. Does our federal government not address these issues because those who are affected will likely not be voters? It’s a valid question.

Instead of attacking Pollievre for shedding more light on this, should we not be leaning into this and allowing it to stress the urgency of these situations in all of our communities?

Getting defensive about it doesn’t help the fact that it’s true and the more this is in the spotlight, the more likely there will be more public support to get funding for treatment, supports and actual housing to help renew safety in communities.

Rebecca Thiessen, Lake Country

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