Wants a 'flat' tax

Re. B.C.’s latest minimum wage increase

I agree with the (minimum) wage increase due to food, rent and overall skyrocking (prices).

However, people already making $ 16.75 per hour did not receive a proportionate increase. I feel they should get an increase of $1.10 as well.

I am not convinced that even that is right and it may cause even more problems. Maybe a flat tax would solve these issues. People who make lots have many write-offs on their income tax, while others cannot afford to do that. People on low incomes cannot (contribute to) RRSPs, while others in higher brackets can.

My 1968 federal income tax return was two pages and really simple. You could only write off medical expenses, a spousal deduction and for children. Now there are countless pages of deductions but only for the rich.

Maybe, just lower the flat tax for lower income people by one per cent for (those earning less than) $30,000. A flat tax may solve all the other “magical” deductions that only benefit the wealthy.

Let the federal government pay as it caused this mess of inflation.

We should also freeze food prices and rents in Canada. It’s time to rethink the way we do business

Gary West, Penticton

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