A.I. governing us now?

Re. Poll: Are government regulations needed for the use of artificial intelligence? (Castanet, May 25)

Castanet asks if government regulations are needed, and one respondent suggests we need (fewer) government regulations.

My take is I think we might already have A.I. in Ottawa and A.I. is already governing us. We just aren’t aware of it or have not been told about it.

Let’s be honest, some of the decisions being made by our government suggest a computer is coming up with them, not intelligent human beings. The lies and rhetoric coming out of Ottawa strongly suggest it has to be software not actual brain-power.

Only time will tell, but like so many other policies being put forward by our government, I’m betting we won’t see any A.I. regulations because why would the A.I. currently governing us want to regulate itself?

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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