Deal with traffic 'snarls'

For years, I have complained about Pandosy Street (in Kelowna) and the need to make it wider to accommodate the traffic volume but nothing has been done. I suggested making it three lanes of alternating traffic, but it fell on deaf ears.

Recently, I left my home beside Gyro Beach and after spending about eight to 10 minutes in the daily traffic jam, I gave up going downtown and turned around to go back home.

The single lane traffic snarl I passed on the way home went all the way back past the Shoppers Drug Mart.— and none of the (new) developments in the area have residents yet.

I can’t imagine what we will have to endure after all of the multi-family (developments) in the area the city approved become occupied.

What has to happen before the city decides to address this monster of an issue?

Bill Ferguson, Kelowna

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