Canada is not so bad

Re. Robert Hepting's letter No longer a proud Canadian (Castanet, May 19)

I think the writer has a problem and is unwilling to understand our realities.

People won't forget Terry Fox. Children learn about his courage in school. To this day, we still have the Terry Fox runs, which help many people.

As for the negative feeling about Canada , I think it is personal perspective of how one sees the world.

The claim of the highest inflation rate in 40 years, is an exaggeration. In April 2023, the rate was 4.4%. Compared that to 1982 when it was 10.77% or 1983's 5.86% or 1991's 5.63%.

Our deficit is high but compared to other G7 countries, we are number 11 out of 29. The IMF reported in 2021, that Canada's debt-to-GDP ratio was 32% and our country had the lowest net debt-to-GDP ratio.

A good provincial example is Ontario. It has the highest debt-to-GDP ratio, between 2007/08 26.6%, and in 2022/23 38.7%.

Our military and the RCMP are federal forces. The “non-functioning” military, has low enrolment but is attracting violent extremists. These folks are becoming difficult to unmask, they have evolved and hide their affiliations.The military problems with systemic racism, discrimination, misogyny, sexual misconduct and harassment of women are not new.

As for the RCMP, I think it needs to have a civilian to lead it and it needs to get out of contract policing.

We had good reasons for getting rid of statues, plaques and street names. The (references to and names of) historical figures that were removed from public places that caused the writer’s outrage, are guilty of causing great pain and death.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Museum of Human Rights defined Canada's past treatment of Indigenous peoples as a genocide.

Homelessness, mental health and drug problems are societal problems. I remember they got rid of most of the mental hospitals because they said they were inhumane. How is that working out for our society now?

The drug problem, can be caused because of trauma or mental illness, causing many people to end up homeless. As for drug addiction, I think you only see the people living on the streets. The reality though is much different. Many people are dependant on pain killers, benzodiazepines and are alcoholics.

They own their homes and drive under the influence of alcohol, “bezos” and prescription pain killers.

I don't see them as being any different than the "dangerous” homeless. They have weapons—their vehicles.

We don't have a shortage of doctors. Blame the provincial governments for their scrooge-like mentality with the number of residency spots. The last time I read about it, we have about 13,000 unlicensed doctors. Their problem is they cannot get the two-year residence position in order to be licensed.

Life is not easy. However, our outlook on life can make the difference. We either see everything in a negative way or we can have hope and see the good things that happen to us. There is no pill to stop people from being negative and unhappy, that's up to the individual.

Canada is a great country and we are slowly learning to correct the negative results of colonialism.

L. Busch

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