More sympathy needed

Re. Don Park's letter No sympathy for addicts (Castanet, May 19)

While the subject of personal responsibility is an important one for all human beings, Don Parks letter is tone deaf and reeks of privilege. Maybe just count your blessings.

Drugs aren't going away. They never will. The harm reduction, decriminalization and care-over-punishment method for addicts is tried and true around the world. We are behind the curve here in Canada, too busy handing out oil subsidies to billion-dollar corporations and catering to multi-millionaires instead of properly allocating funds to help the most vulnerable and those brave enough to care for them.

Don’t be condescending to service workers and sneering down your nose at damaged, vulnerable human beings and balk at tax increases that could help them.

We are all only a few personal crises and heartbreaks away from a drug addiction, legal or otherwise.

Warren Peace

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