Passport anger not fake

Re. Carole Kormendy’s letter Passport pics no big deal (Castanet, May 19)

Castanet letter writer Carole Kormendy says the people who are upset with the design of the new Canadian passport should "(G)ive the fake outrage a rest. It is unwarranted, unnecessary, misguided, and misdirected."

She says that the "flap" is "quite ridiculous" and is being "blown out of proportion".

I have a different perspective. I don't believe the outrage is fake. I believe it is very real. I believe many Canadians are simply fed up with the games being played by the government. They are done with the lies, the broken promises, the breaches of ethics, the scandals, the attacks on free speech, the pandering to China, the pandering to Quebec and the constant waste of our tax money squandered on fantasies and vote-buying.

If one were to look only at the passport issue with none of the other context in mind, then perhaps such outpouring of emotion could be considered unwarranted. But, if one takes the past eight years of mismanagement and outright arrogance by the Liberals into account, then perhaps this could be seen as the straw that broke the camel's back.

So Kormendy may feel safe and secure in the knowledge (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau and his friends are in charge. Good for her.

Perhaps she likes to preach at her fellow Canadians and tell them how they should think and whether or not their outrage is fake. But many Canadians are done with the overreach of this government into too many aspects of their lives.

Those same Canadians see the new passport design as a symbol of a government that continually demonstrates little or no interest in our history or our collective pride in that history.

Lloyd Vinish

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