Stuck with the smell

So, sunny days are here, I can open my windows again and soon my central air conditioning will kick in.

The only problem is my neighbour has been told by their landlord they can't smoke cigarettes or cannabis in their home. That means they will be smoking on their deck next to my door, windows and my air conditioning unit.

I have allergies to smoke and, let's face it, only true “stoners” like the smell of “skunk weed.”

Then there are the issues with three dogs on one side of my property and two dogs on the other side. Don't get me wrong, I have two smaller dogs myself, but the difference is I pick up the dog waste and bag it every day so the smell is not coming from my yard.

Doesn't Kelowna have a nuisance bylaw on the books? I know other cities do and they includes bad smells.

It would be nice to enjoy my backyard and not have my house smell like a skunk.

I know (cannabis) and cigarettes are legal, but that doesn't give them the right to invade my space. Why should I suffer because a landlord doesn't want his place to smell. But it is okay to stink up mine.

It is frustrating.

Barry Pyett, Kelowna

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