Fire smoke is a concern

Re. Ricky Daytona’s letter Unhappy with complainers (Castanet, March 23)

Mr. Daytona, maybe you misunderstood my letter about fires on the beach. They cause pollution and make it hard to breathe.

This has nothing to do with sipping cocktails and fancy drinks, as your letter assumes. I live on Lakeshore Drive (in Penticton) and I have a right to clean air and a right to be able to sleep at night.

Since you live in West Kelowna, I find it hard to believe anyone would consider your opinion valid. Smoke is smoke and it is pollution. What do you think happens to all the nails from the skids these people burn?

Would you like the smell of plastic and glue floating in your window every night? I would assume surely not. This has nothing to do with your dreams about days gone by. This is about protecting our lakes and beaches from being destroyed or they will be only memories.

Brian Kettle

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