Cost of living out of control

Re. Gary Lynch’s letter Both are right and wrong (Castanet, March 27)

Gary, your insights were very fair and thoughtful. You are correct, I wanted to leave all of this behind, especially after your objective opinion. Why (letter writer Lloyd Vinish found the need to be so defensive and insulting about my letter, in my book, does not make him look good.

You're right, I ignored his original letter, (not blaming honest poor people which was written three-quarters down in his letter in a small paragraph) It would have been really admirable if he'd left well enough alone but why he couldn't makes me wonder about him.

We are all upset with taxes, unfair government funding towards refugees (although as soon as we say that we're in trouble. Of course they need help but not at the expense of natural born Canadian citizens). The fact this wasn't good enough for Lloyd makes me question him - hope there aren't too many people such as Lloyd who have this attitude.

The fact is, the cost of living, housing, etc is out of control. Of course there are people who take advantage of the system, which makes people such as myself (70 years old who've worked their whole life) angry.

However, there are a lot of well-to-do people who are way too entitled.

Beverly Ryder

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