Unhappy with roundabout

Have Penticton city council members lost their minds?

First, they crammed the bike lane down our throats (nearly everybody I talk to has a very negative opinion about that) without a referendum to see what the public actually thought.

(As for the) the cost, I know they used some money from the electrical fund but that just means they were overcharging us for years and should have returned some of that money to residents.

Has anyone on council actually driven Duncan Avenue at Atkinson Street? It is a mess.

There are constant line-ups from light to light to light, a 100-metre bike lane that starts and stops in the middle of the block and a pedestrian light not 20 metres from the intersection. Insane! Just wait until summer tourist season gets here.

Now, they want to spend more of our money on a traffic circle—to the tune of more than $10 million. What kind of a mess will they come up with for that location?

Who is going to pay for this? We are.

They just raised our taxes nearly 10%. I'm sure next year there be another large increase, even without this stupid expenditure.

We only have so much money and are not a bottomless pit of funds. When times get tough we are forced to cut back and live within our means. Seems council doesn't think like that and figures they can spend whatever they want without consequences.

Show a little restraint and consider the taxpayers of Penticton.

Shawn Becker

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