Response to hate crime

Hate crime. What a terrible, terrible thing to endure.

I can’t imagine laying on the ground, powerless, as I’m getting kicked for no reason. Oh wait, yes I can. It happened to me a long time ago, before you went to the police for this stuff. I went to the hospital, had a couple of broken ribs and some stitches and had to miss two weeks of work. The doctor said I should take six weeks off, but (could not with) rent and stuff.

It also happened to a few of my friends. I can’t remember the details.

My son graduated a few years ago and it happened to him in Grade 12. It was terrible. He called in the middle of the night. He said a bunch of people jumped him and he was unconscious. Then I heard someone yell, “Oh you’re finally awake. Looks like you want some more.” And then I heard my son get beaten unconscious while everybody laughed.

“Oh, you’re finally awake. Looks like you want some more.” Let that sink in.

I called 911 and went to get him. The police arrested 10 people and they had a video of (the incident). Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough evidence for the Crown to proceed with charges. You have to be kidding me.

That same year, my daughter was in Grade 12 and the police officer brought her home—not the hospital. Basically (the officer) dumped her and her friend on the front steps bleeding and almost unconscious. Then he just walked back to his car. I said what’s going on here and he said they were beat up in the park.

I asked, that’s it? (The officer) said, what did (my daughter and her friend) think would happen walking in Ben Lee park. It was 7 p.m. in the summer. That was the end of the police investigation.

If you’re reading this and you have a son or daughter who recently graduated, you know somebody who this has happened to.

I hope that this (latest attack) is a turning point. I hope people realize this happens at least once a week in Rutland. I hope we can stop this from happening to everybody, no matter what the motivation is. provoked or unprovoked.

Every one deserves a (proper) response. That would end this violence.

Craig Macfarlane

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