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The lake-to-lake bike route (in Penticton) is a good idea—up to a point.

Let me point to a few cons I can see:

1. These lanes can only be used about six to eight months a year. You seldom see anyone using them in winter and part of fall.

2. Even if we want to, seniors, like myself, can't bike anymore, so we don't use them.

3. The traffic in the streets where these lanes are has been severely affected. Big trucks and buses have difficulty in driving on those streets, making it dangerous for all vehicles and even bike riders.

I know my comments are nothing new, as I have read many letters with similar concerns.

But, let me talk about a related, existing (amenity) that is under-used, public transit. This is an excellent public service already in place. I see many buses in town that are almost empty, all the time. I can't comprehend why the city and B.C. Transit don't put much more emphasis on the benefits of using it, so as to increase ridership.

I am positive that when more of us shift from our cars to the bus, because we can use this service all year round, there will be a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions—much more than a few bikes using the bike lanes.

Instead of continuing to invest so much money in more bike lanes, installing new expensive EV charging stations, and other programs like that, we should create an immediate, urgent and massive program to sell and promote the benefits of using public transit, maybe with an education program or by offering free-rides for a few weeks. It won't cost a penny more to the city !

I have noticed, as part of the its new climate action plan, the city has seven “Big Moves,” with the first being to “shift beyond the car.”

Using public transit is a key factor for this shift. The service is there, let's ride the bus and reduce our carbon emissions.

Norberto Rodriguez

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