Bike lane proponents

(The Penticton bike lane project) must be completed. This is the future and I am now able to bike safely to more locations and drive less.

As a 40-year resident, I am proud of the forward-thinking residents of this community.

Penticton is joining major communities around the world, from Vancouver to New York to many European cities, who join in recognizing the future of transportation.

Penticton continues to set an example of putting the environment, recreation and health first.

Peter Schick

Choosing to complete this project has made me so proud of this community and opened up transportation and recreation opportunities for me that are the envy of my family and friends from elsewhere.

This is consistent with the enormous reputation Penticton maintains as a recreation paradise.

My family in Mexico, with such a better climate for biking, witnesses what happens to health and quality of life when you choose the opposite direction.

Paty Razumoff, Penticton

I watched (Castanet’s) video about people's opinions about the bike lane. I would like to voice my support for the bike lane. I think it is an excellent addition to our transportation infrastructure.

Bob Wood

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