Bike lanes create problems

I believe if the public had been polled, the (Penticton) bike lane would never have been approved.

Martin Street businesses have lost major parking in front of their establishments. I think twice before venturing downtown now. I’m sure these business owners have noticed a loss of revenue.

Delivery vehicles have no choice but to block the road to make their deliveries. On numerous occasions, I have been stuck behind a vehicle stopped to allow a senior or a person with a disability to be dropped off.

Signs on Martin Street (one way) no longer allow a left turn on a red light from intersecting roads. Repeatedly I witness (people) either not realizing the change or completely ignoring it.

Duncan Avenue by the Safeway store, a busy street, is now a nightmare. There are too many lights within a short stretch.

Atkinson Street, is also now a nightmare. The signs are extremely distracting. City buses and garbage trucks, let alone semi trucks, look like they can barely fit in the lanes.

The issues I’ve noted have been experienced during off season. I can only imagine what peak tourist times will bring. Accidents are just waiting to happen.

I wonder why Winnipeg Street, Fairview and down to the Channel Parkway were not considered (as the route). It would have been less distracting and a more scenic route. I’m sure the Penticton Indian Band would have been willing to work out an agreement.

I cannot fathom how an emergency vehicle will navigate some of these now challenging roadways as (other) vehicles have no where to pull over with bike lanes everywhere.

I am totally in favour of safe biking but personally, I don’t believe a lot of thought was put into this. Lake to lake along the Channel Parkway would have been a better solution.

I have always prided myself on calm driving, but as of late I can now understand road rage.

Sandi Murphy, Penticton

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