Learn from the past

Re. Bill Ligertwood's letter Upset at 'woke anew mob' (Castanet, Feb. 1) and L. Busch's letter Right to drop school name (Castanet, Feb. 2)

In regards to removing names from schools, buildings ect., I read both arguments in the letters submitted to Castanet regarding renaming a school in the Lower Mainland.

I see where both sides come from and both have valid points.

Why not find middle ground? Taking it down versus not taking it down seems to be superficial. There is a lesson that can be learned from this.

It is part of our history as Canadians, the genocide of the indigenous peoples. We cannot erase it, but we can learn from it.

Keep the names of the buildings and add plaques and include lessons that teaches people, including students about our history—the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as what we can do so we never repeat it.

Let’s not let important lessons be lost because they are ugly. We must learn so we can do better.

Brianne Ocampo

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