On drug policy and taxes

Decriminalization of hard drugs really does nothing as police were not arresting the people who have drugs on them, they just took them away. So what are we gaining here except the government wants you to think it is doing something positive.

It should be setting up treatment centres and anyone caught with these drugs sentenced to cleaning up their drug habit (rehab). All the government has done since this crisis is make it easy to stay a drug addict.

Just wait, by next year the number of homeless addicts will have doubled again and overdose deaths will increase, as it has done year to year.

On another issue, small convenience stores complaining about losing money because of illegal cigarettes being sold.

They should be screaming at the government for taxing cigarettes (so high). People are tired of being taxed to death, so why shouldn’t they find a way to save money? Nearly 50% of a person’s income goes towards some sort of tax—payroll taxes, the GST, the PST, the carbon tax, liquor taxes, property taxes. I am probably forgetting a few other taxes but I am sure you get where I am going with this.

Maybe these small stores should buy the illegal cigarettes and sell them at the taxed price and they will make their money back.

People who are buying illegal cigarettes aren’t doing it to hurt small business, they are doing it because the government is hurting them with all the taxes.

With everything going on in the world today who can blame them.

Shelley Matotek

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