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Re. Mary-Anne MacDonald’s letter Asking to be enlightened (Castanet, Feb. 3)

I read this and thought it was either sarcasm or someone listening to disinformation.

Enlighten me as to how, when and why there was a paradigm shift from listening to well-respected authorities in their field to considering them no longer credible or more importantly, censoring or ostracizing them? Too many people listen to disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Enlighten me as to how the populace continues to put faith in a prime minister who (I believe) has not only abused his position but is responsible for the (government’s) profligate spending, plays favourites with certain companies, pressured his own ministers in the SNC Lavalin scandal and compared a Tylenol shortage to a orange crop shortage? Well he has delivered for the Canadian people and did not abandon them, but rather financially supported them during the lockdowns under a pandemic

Enlighten me as to why health care in Canada is no longer considered universal but each province is advising Canadian travellers to buy additional health insurance if they travel to other provinces? As one who has worked in group benefits, out of province coverage has always been in place. Nothing new here.

Enlighten me as to why all provinces, with the exception of B.C. and Nova Scotia, have lifted their vaccine mandates? Since healthcare is provincial, each province is allowed to impose ot lift whatever mandates the choose to protect their residents.

Enlighten me as to how the federal government can restrict oil production in Canada but still import oil via super-tankers across the Atlantic Ocean to Montreal? I would ask if there are oil wells and refineries in Quebec. If not, then it needs to come from oil rich Alberta is my guess.

Enlighten me as to how two provinces, Ontario and Quebec, seem to have the balance of political power in (Canadian) confederation? They always have and will continue to as seats are awarded by population.

Enlighten me as to why the B.C. government has 23 cabinet ministers from the Lower Mainland and three from the remainder of the province? What is that telling the rest of the province? You would have to ask the premier, but my understanding is cabinet members are based on experience and what they bring to the table. Seems unfair, but you can ask.

Enlighten me as to why is the federal government the keeper and manager of the Canada Pension Plan, when it was set up between employers and employees? (Former U.S. President) Ronald Regan stated the nine most dangerous words are “Hi, I'm here from the government to help you.” Hmmmm. It has always been manage by the government and set up as a payroll deduction from working people and sent to the government to invest and ensure it is kept safe to be given back to you once you retire. Same goes for EI and income tax deductions. You need to stop trying to fit Canada into the U.S. mould who else is to look after you and help you if not the government.

Enlighten me as to when did schools become (in my mind) primarily focussed on sexual orientation instead of education? Again you are listening to disinformation out of the U.S. I have two grandsons in school, no one is teaching them sexual orientation at all. Only to be kind, accepting of anyone that might appear different than you. Something everyone needs to do at any age.

Better yet, enlighten me as to why the elites of the world would want to get advice on the future of the planet from (environmental activist) Greta Thunberg, a 20-year-old woman? Why not listen to her? She might just have some knowledge and trying to save the planet from destruction, as scientist have been doing for years.

Enlighten me as to why people think that reducing carbon dioxide is healthy for the planet? Well if carbon dioxide completely destroys all the oxygen then we all die. Just like if you ran your car in a closed garage. Is this a serious question?

Enlightenment is supposed to be about using logic, science and in general, knowledge. What's happened ? Too many people get lost listening to conspiracy theories and disinformation. Remember the War of the Worlds (radio drama in 1938) by Orson Wells. Had the whole world petrified on a made up story on a radio show.

Carole Kormendy

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