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Re. Bill Ligertwood's letter Upset at 'woke cancel mob' (Castanet, Feb. 1)

I’m continuously amazed that some people use the term "woke" when things don't fit their way of thinking.

The idea of continuing to memorialize those that were involved in murdering people, is pure ignorance.

Yes, (Lord) Frederick Roberts lived during the Victorian era, but that should not prevent the people of today from trying to erase names of people like him.

He was involved in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 , during the siege and capture of Delhi. In 1879, he was put in command of the Kabul field force, despatched to seek retribution for the murder of a Louis Cavagnari.

I imagine people who call this type of history "woke," they see Roberts being sent to shake hands with the locals, during those two imperialistic attacks.

What’s worse in this man's history is when he was sent to South Africa in 1899. He was sent to force the Boers to submit to the British Empire.

In order to achieve this, he burned the Boers farms and forced them into concentration camps. The result was that women and children died. By the end of the war, more than 27,000 died, the majority were children.

What a bad joke naming a school (after) Frederick Roberts.

The man was guilty of causing the death of thousands of children.

L. Busch

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