Upset at 'woke cancel mob'

Re. School to dump name (Castanet, Jan. 31)

Well, the “woke cancel mob” strikes again, renaming a school because the person the school is named after apparently doesn’t align with the current opinions and “dogma.”

The person in question, Lord (Frederick) Roberts, was apparently unaware of the offence he was causing 100 years after he lived. In his time, he was considered somewhat of a hero as was anyone else with his CV, but not to worry, we must cancel him in case (someone) gets offended.

It seems to me perhaps these people should maybe look up the record of Capt. George Vancouver, whom the city is named for. I bet he’s got some skeletons in his closet—that is his 2023 closet. H

Here’s a list of the local areas he named after some of his friends. I bet there’s some nasty guys in that crowd as well.

Vancouver named many features for his officers, friends, associates, and his ship Discovery, including:

• Mount Baker – after Discovery's 3rd Lieutenant Joseph Baker, the first on the expedition to spot it

• Mount St. Helens – after his friend, Alleyne Fitzherbert, 1st Baron St Helens

• Puget Sound – after Discovery's 2nd lieutenant Peter Puget,[8] who explored its southern reaches.

• Mount Rainier – after his friend, Rear Admiral Peter Rainier.

• Port Gardner and Port Susan, Washington – after his former commander Vice Admiral Sir Alan Gardner and his wife Susannah, Lady Gardner.

• Whidbey Island – after naval engineer Joseph Whidbey.

• Discovery Passage, Discovery Island, Discovery Bay, Port Discovery and Discovery Park (Seattle).

Bill Ligertwood, Kamloops

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