Decriminalizing won't help

It seems every time one reads the local newspaper or watches “legacy” media news broadcasts, one more story is aired about the government’s absurd solutions to ever-increasing problems with drugs and homelessness.

Where has common sense gone? It certainly seems to be extinct these days.

(Decriminalizing) hard drugs is absolutely ridiculous. How is that going to help get addicts off drugs? It won’t. Anyone with any level of IQ knows that.

Instead of wasting tax revenue on such things as improperly situated bike lanes and supposed low-cost housing, which is anything but low-cost, why aren’t facilities coupled with adequately staffed programs to (help) these addicted persons being built to enable them to return to a useful, productive and contributing lifestyle.

It’s time for those who sit in positions of authority to start using some logic and common sense, something that has been lacking for quite some time.

Derrick Lester, Penticton

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