On decriminalizing drugs

Re. Drug decriminalization here (Castanet, Jan. 30)

I believe no lives will be saved and the only reason for this new law is to stop arrests because of “catch and release.” Also, the government wants to save money in the courts because there is no room in the jails. If these people were arrested and sent to a treatment facility instead of jail, we might be able to actually save lives.

Donna Gottselig

If there have been 11,000 overdose deaths in BC , how many could have been avoided if there were 5000 treatment beds? I believe this new policy has once again put the cart before the horse.

Tim Lyons

Why is it not disclosed where drug users will be getting there drugs? Safe injection sites do not provide the drugs. Are these drugs still purchased from street dealers? If drug users aren't buying cocaine from a pharmacy, how is this going to prevent deaths?

Bob Canham, Kelowna

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