Ukraine needs assistance

Re. Ricky Daytona’s letter ‘Proxy war with Russia’ (Castanet, Jan. 27)

Mr. Daytona, I really admire you. Just when I thought that at my advanced age I had seen, or read, just about everything, you arrive like a breath of air. You make me think, which is obviously your goal. I disagree with you, but I know where you are coming from.

As for Mr. Poole (No deal with Putin (Castanet, Jan. 27)) and Mr. Lupul, (Countering writer's view (Castanet, Jan. 27)) right on. Your responses to Mr. Daytona were spot on. If I may, I’d like to add my two cents worth.

Mr. Daytona, do you know the difference between fighting and self-defence? Do you know the difference between aggression and resistance? I think not. We’ve been taught through the Bible to turn the other cheek, but when a much larger and more vicious bully is beating you up, turning the other cheek just gives him/her a new target.

If someone were to break into your home, what would you do? Ask the Chechens. The Georgians. Ask the Belorussians (they haven’t been invaded, just had their democratic election stolen by a Putin-ite).

The difference this time is Ukraine is accessible to the outside world. Of course (Ukrainians) are asking for help, and of course the West should provide it. If it were my home, I’d be rallying my friends and neighbours too.

As for the buffer zone, isn’t that the excuse the (former) USSR—the government (Russian President Vladimir) Putin worked for—used to enslave the Warsaw Pact nations? As if that wasn’t enough for Stalin, he and his minions tried to recruit other nations from Malaysia to North Korea to Greece.

The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War were the offshoots of a global communist (read authoritarian) action that could have led to either total enslavement or nuclear war. Thank God neither happened.

No one likes war and no one, except the corrupt, like corruption. Where do you get the information on how corrupt the Ukrainian government is? Is it from the same news items that tell how Putin is out to “de-Nazify” its neighbour? Probably.

At the same time, you don’t mention the Russian oligarchs, and how many of them have disappeared (or died).

Putin is a monster. (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelenskyy is no saint, but at least he’s trying to save his people.

If we put you in charge, Mr. Daytona, what would you be doing?

Gary Lynch

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