World not picking on Russia

Re: Ricky Daytona’s letter ‘Proxy’ war with Russia (Castanet, Jan. 27)

It seems to me (the writer) thinks the world is picking on Russia and it should just give in to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's illegal and unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

He thinks Ukraine should give up the areas Putin illegally annexed, which is like saying if Canada was invaded by the United States and the U.S. claimed the Martimes as theirs, we just gave in.

No, Ukraine deserves the military aid it's getting and hopefully it will help stop the war sooner. No one stood up to Adolph Hitler (leading up to the Second Word War) until it was clear he wouldn't stop. Putin is no different. He only understands force, and weakness in response will not stop him.

The Ukrainians were living peaceful lives until Feb 24, 2022 when a “madman” in Russia decided to invade their country to satisfy his ego and the world needs to help them.

A Mullins

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