Keep heritage designation

Penticton city council has scheduled a public hearing at City Hall on Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. to consider the removal of the current land use contract that governs the protection of the architectural character of Bogner’s Restaurant at 302 Eckhardt Avenue West.

The removal of this LUC would allow for the destruction of this historically significant building, built in 1915 by Penticton’s second physician Dr. H.B. McGregor.

The proposed replacement of this beautiful building by RE/MAX is a three-story concrete and glass box, totally incompatible with the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

I note the McGregor House (Bogner’s) is located in the middle of existing heritage areas (the Riordan House at 689 Winnipeg and the Latimer/Gibson House) to the east and Cherryland Neighborhood Charm Project to the south, and the proposed Victoria Drive/ Latimer Street Neighborhood Charm Project to the north.

I encourage all individuals who have a concern in preserving Penticton’s heritage and the societal values associated with those values to attend this public meeting.

Patrick Beaven, Penticton

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