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Re. Ricky Daytona’s letter ‘Proxy’ war with Russia (Castanet, Jan. 27)

Open letter to Ricky Daytona,

You are right about the rarely covered protests you mentioned in Germany. They are rarely covered. Do you know the reason? Why don’t you sit back and let someone who’s been studying in Germany for a little while inform you about it.

The protesters don’t get reported on because they are nuts. I’ve actually tried talking a few at a protest in Hamburg. It’s hard to get anywhere in a conversation. It reminds me of a certain protest that used to happen in Kelowna, though I can’t remember it now.

Many of these folks here have lost themselves in the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and propaganda. They often watch the Russian state-owned TV channel, RT Deutschland (which was shown to have peddled anti-vaccine propaganda in Germany while simultaneously touting the benefits of getting vaccinated to Russians), where they are fed with all types of questionable “information".

Your statement about what is going on here is, sadly, inaccurate. I would love to invite you to see it for yourself.

You should come to Berlin. You will find no great public unrest about supporting Ukraine. In fact, the largest recent protest related to the war happened last summer in Berlin, with almost 100,000 people in attendance.

I went and counted at one of the recent AFD supporters/anti-masking demonstrations a few weeks ago. It was less than 100 people.

Spencer Lupul

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