Bike lane empty

Re. George Murai's letter Bike lane is functional (Castanet, Jan. 25)

The original plan for the (Penticton) bike lane was so bikes could travel lake to lake.

It is no wonder you can take a bike to Safeway but how many groceries can one pack onto a bike for a family of five? Also, have you noticed you are the only person using the bike lane? The lane goes unused for hours at a time and is only used for, possibly, six months of the year at best.

As for the business stops you make along your bike lane, you must be talking about the ones that are still open after so many closed due to a lack of parking because of the bike lane.

The fact remains, the bike lane is not used and is still ugly and dangerous for all. Penticton city council will pay once again for its bad choice of continuing with this expensive, useless project.

It will cost them their jobs (on council), just as it did some on the members of the last council

Brian Kettle

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