'Proxy' war with Russia

We must resist the temptation to add to the escalating US/NATO “proxy” war with Russia.

We must say no to any risk of a third World War—no tanks for Ukraine and an end to military and financial aid.

It’s time to embrace peace, not to continue to fund a pointless “proxy” war. Taxpayers are funding more and more of this pointless destruction and attrition. Taxpayers who are increasing struggling with the burden of government taxation in many forms, the cost of living, and rising accommodation costs as Western governments spend money like drunken sailors in port for the first time in months.

In Germany, rarely covered protests are increasing in ferocity as Germans react to the thought of German tanks going to war with the Russians, reminiscent of the Second World War.

In the early stages of the conflict, then U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to Ukraine. At the time there was a possibility of a ceasefire and agreement between the two parties. But Johnson’s interference seemed to deter Ukraine from discussions.

He went there again recently, not with a message of peace but for more sabre-rattling and to rattle the donations can. He is on the front line and, as the sons of Russia and Ukraine spill their blood, his offspring are not facing death. Perhaps if we threatened to send politicians to war, we would have less war.

The common sense approach would have been to agree to a territorial settlement for the four regions Russia is securing with a buffer zone to the West, an end to all shelling and military activity and peace for all peoples of the disputed eastern Ukraine.

Perhaps, something like the Minsk Agreement, but with teeth and a sense of finality (would be appropriate). However it has been revealed that (former German chancellor) Angela Merkel used the agreement as a cover to provide time for Ukraine to build up its military infrastructure ready for a war. And of course (former CIA director) Mike Pompeo bragged about using the CIA to train agitators on the ground.

Just this week numerous heads and deputy heads of Ukraine regions resigned. There are claims of grift and investigations into how funds are being used. Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky died in a helicopter crash, which is strange as he was becoming more animated towards creating a peace deal.

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the world so none of the dubious shenanigans happening there right now should come as a surprise. Much of the military aid sent to Ukraine doesn't even reach the front lines. What a pointless waste. Coincidentally governments, through taxation, fund military equipment and infrastructure as the military industry gets richer.

Your politicians do not want peace. Like Boris Johnson, they want a perpetual state of war and conflict. War is profit.

I say no to war. A Minsk 3 agreement, buffer zone and an end to all military action in eastern Ukraine. And I would say the same to Russian President) Vladimir Putin.

In the long-term, NATO needs to be pushed back from infringing on the boundaries of Russia. Bloodthirsty politicians need to be reigned in.

We, the people of the world, are not at war with Russia. It is our governments and agents of military industry who are manipulating and agitating for more human misery.

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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